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So Little Time, So Many Dishes. Differentiating Dishwasher Terminology To Maximise Your Design

In your kitchen, a dishwasher can be an indispensable help that saves you time and effort. Modern dishwashers are not only efficient but have design options that work for you and work with the look of your kitchen and the space you have available. When choosing the right dishwasher there are four main types to choose from: Freestanding, Built-under, Semi-integrated and Fully Integrated. With the help of our UnserHaus experts we break down the terminology to learn more about the different designs. Your dishwasher selection process should be made by considering how you wish your kitchen space to operate both visually and functionally. The four variations are:


A Dishwasher that is often the first choice for upgrades, replacements, renovations or renters. Unrestricted when it comes to cabinetry, freestanding models can be placed alongside your kitchen appliances or be positioned underneath benchtops or in open spaces. The beauty of the freestanding model is its flexibility – moving with you and adapting to your space. Most dishwashers are 60cm wide, so freestanding dishwashers are usually the perfect replacement dishwasher if your old one breaks down. Freestanding models are available in white or stainless steel in the Bosch range.

Built Under

Ideal for new or existing kitchens. The control panel has an elegant squared design and the dishwasher is height adjustable. An optional stainless steel kick panel is included, or you can extend your cabinetry kick panel underneath for a more integrated look. Available in either the NEFF or Bosch range.

Semi Integrated

The first step in integrating your product into your cabinetry design and ideal for new kitchens. Match the front panel of the Bosch dishwasher door to surrounding cabinetry while still retaining a visible front facing control panel. You can match the surrounding cabinetry top drawers to the control panel height and extend your cabinetry kick panel underneath to complete the seamless look. Available in the Bosch range.

Fully Integrated

For the ultra streamline approach, a fully integrated NEFF dishwasher blend seamlessly into the design of your kitchen, by being hidden discreetly behind enclosed cabinetry. These products are worked directly into new German inspired kitchen designs, becoming both concealed and integrated to be beautiful and functional. Control panels are positioned across the top of the door – visible when open. Selected dishwasher models feature light projections that indicate cycle processes and times by directly shining text and imagery onto the floor in front of the machine. Available in Bosch , NEFF and Gaggenau.

For the complete integrated look in your kitchen, did you know a fully integrated fridge can also be hidden behind your kitchen cabinetry? Available in the Bosch and Gaggenau ranges.

If size is your challenge then we recommend the Bosch Slimline 45cm dishwasher . The perfect addition to tiny house or apartment living or the individual dweller. This design offers the same dynamic dishwashing technology only on a slimmer scale at only 45cm wide.

With time being a precious luxury, a reliable and adaptable dishwasher is an essential participant in the cleaning and care of your dishes. Adjustable trays, moveable racks, cutlery drawers, and clever accessories assist this process immensely – here at UnserHaus we are happy to spend the time with you working out the best Bosch, NEFF or Gaggenau dishwasher solution for you and your kitchen.

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