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Vented Cooktops: An Intelligent Solution

Imagine having a cooktop and rangehood all rolled into one appliance! The FlexInduction cooktop with downdraft ventilation is exactly that. A sleek integrated design with the extractor sitting within the cooktop, it works quickly and the close proximity to your cooking eliminates steam and smells at the source. A classic rangehood is an essential in every kitchen, and this one has been reinvented to utilise space, streamline design and enhance the social capabilities of the kitchen and contemporary living.

Now the cooktop can be easily situated within the social area of a kitchen, encouraging conversations between the cook and their loved ones without the interference of a rangehood blocking the conversation and eyeline. Not to mention saving any head vs. rangehood collisions.

For entertainers, professional cooks or families, a FlexInduction cooktop provides a fantastic solution for your cooking requirements. A variety of pan sizes can be used on the cooking zones, while the modern design reflects a minimalistic design trend.

Induction provides one of the most efficient methods of cooking, it is extremely fast, with the ability to accurately control the power through the strong electromagnets positioned under the surface of the cooktop. When a cooking zone is activated and a ferrous metal pan is placed on it, a circuit is created which begins a rapid, even transference of heat to the base of the pan and its contents.

Vented cooktops offer great installation options around the kitchen as they can be fitted into island benches or next to walls., Where access permits, air can be ventilated directly outside. For those working with island benches or with limited external wall access, under-the-bench ventilation kits are available to discreetly recirculate filtered air without additional smells or taking up too much cabinet space.

As easy to build and take apart as Lego, the ducting kits of the vented cooktop are dishwasher safe or can be washed by hand. Any spills will be caught by the inbuilt drip tray and the stylish cast iron grate over the extractor can conveniently double as a pan rest. Vented induction cooktops offer an intelligent solution to cooking and kitchen ventilation all in one tidy package. Plus they take care of spatial limitations whilst facilitating conversation and enhancing the social capabilities of your culinary space.

80cm Vented induction cooktops are available within the Bosch, NEFF or Gaggenau ranges.

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