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German appliances get the green light in Green Bay

We were recently invited to visit Kat and Corey in their elegant newly built home in the Auckland suburb of Green Bay. During construction, Kat and Corey decided to seek professional support to help them find the perfect selection of appliances for their home. They were delighted to discover everything they were looking for – and more – at UnserHaus. Find out how they found the process, which German kitchen appliance they chose and what they learned from our team along the way.

What was the inspiration behind your kitchen design?
We wanted to create a warm and inviting space with natural wood and white hardware providing a fresh, clean and modern look.

How did our appliances fit in or align with your original design inspiration?
The layout of our kitchen meant we required an under-bench solution which could have been a challenge. By putting two NEFF ovens side by side, we ended up with smart appliances that fit perfectly into our design – which was such a relief!

After your initial consultation with Alex from UnserHaus, did you leave with a clearer vision for your project?
Absolutely, Alex asked us a lot of questions to narrow down what we needed. As we like to entertain, we decided that having the two ovens in the kitchen would come in handy. Also, the fact that the ovens self-clean makes life so much easier for us being busy parents to two boys.

What were the main things you learned from working with the UnserHaus team?
We learned how much everyone on the UnserHaus team knows about their products. We worked closely with Alex, who was really committed to helping us get exactly what we needed – especially when it came to choosing appliances that would be a good fit for our busy lifestyle. Overall, we were just really impressed by the experience and felt like everyone was approachable, knowledgeable and welcoming.

What were the deciding factors that made you choose the brands and models that you did?
We discovered how the NEFF Slide&Hide ovens have a really useful sliding door, they warm up quickly, have steam and microwave functions, self-clean, are easy to use and they look stylish. We also chose the Bosch induction hob for its easy clean features and flat surface. It heats up at speed and is very easy to control, which we love.

What value did your consultation and demonstration with the UnserHaus team add to your purchasing experience and decisions?
The team’s wealth of knowledge gave us a lot of confidence. They showed a lot of passion for the products and helped us learn things we never would have otherwise known. They were an absolute pleasure to deal with which made the process very straightforward and enjoyable.

Can you tell us a little about the pre-purchase cooking demonstration? What stood out?
Definitely the steam function, meat thermometer and self-clean. We use the meat thermometer all the time and I must say it’s nice to have perfectly cooked meat every time.

What did you learn from Bridgette during the pre-purchase demonstration?
Bridgette is such a pro in the kitchen! She has a lot of experience working with NEFF products and even treated us to a delicious meal.

What did she cook and which appliances did she use?
She used the NEFF induction hob and steam oven. Bridgette’s sous vide salmon with roasted sweet potato, caramelised walnut salad and sticky date pudding was so delicious!

Which appliances were you most drawn to at UnserHaus?
NEFF followed closely by Bosch products. We decided to choose NEFF for all the mod cons and eye-catching design features. We also went with Bosch’s Induction Hob, Sensational Dishwasher and Washing Machine as Bosch is such a well-recognised and trustworthy brand.

What would you say to other people looking for kitchen appliances?
The features and quality of our NEFF ovens have exceed our expectations – with steam clean, pyrolytic cleaning and the Slide&Hide oven door it can’t get much better than that.

How was the atmosphere and how did you feel as you left the experience at UnserHaus?
It was very friendly and the team were so welcoming. We really appreciated the personalised approach and found the building very stylish and modern which helped us visualise how we wanted our own place to feel. We’d really recommend it to anyone who’s looking to find new appliances.

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