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Hand To Plate

Take a close up look at the Professional Kitchen through the lens of Photographer Josh Griggs

Josh Griggs is a busy New Zealand Photographer with an acute and well-trained eye.

His work predominantly focuses on lifestyle – capturing the essence of what it means to ‘be’ and contribute to the fabric of our vast culinary landscape. His array of work is something to celebrate.

Griggs has worked with a number of reputable brands, restaurants and creators. With Sidart highlighting the beauty of their absolute top-end fine dining dishes, capturing the process of Cotto’s pasta making excellence as well as the straight up, wood-fired, authentic Montreal style street bagels of Best Ugly Bagels, to name a few.

Notably, Griggs pays attention to the hard graft of the culinary industries; the butchers, bakers, no candlestick makers (yet) and captures moments of process and creation happening in their natural settings. Playing close attention to the hands that roll the dough, squeeze the lemon, slice, cut, stir and create culinary magic – from hands to plate.

His visual articulation sings of process and craft, speaking to the likewise movement sweeping through many New Zealand kitchens. The humble home cook is looking to craft their own beer, host home to honey bees, ferment cheese and kombucha and echo the artisan practices with the assistance of culinary appliances that emulate professional techniques.

The accompanying curation of Griggs’ work is a stunning collection of the New Zealand culinary landscape as a whole, for the world to see. Griggs continues to experiment with new ways of making dishes look interesting, both in grade and composition.

Come view some of Grigg’s work in person at his exhibition at UnserHaus.

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