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‘Invented for life’ – we want our home appliances to spark enthusiasm, improve quality of life and help conserve natural resources. The Bosch showroom space at UnserHaus allows you to experience the products, understand the Bosch values and learn about the technology that builds them. We’re constantly adapting the space to meet the diverse needs of our customers, and our focus on the future means we act sustainably and responsibly in everything we do. We are driven by determination, and we act on our initiatives.

Bosch knows how to live in a connected world, and the Home Connect area is designed to show you how smart kitchens can be. From preheating your oven with the touch of a button to making a coffee from the next room, come and discover how the clever Home Connect app can give you complete control of your appliances.

The Bosch section at UnserHaus is a showroom only. To find a Bosch Home appliance stockist near you, please go to our Dealer Locator.

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